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Welcome to one of the coolest  rock band programs around.   A fun and  positive program for both students and parents. Practice is in a professional rehearsal/recording studio.  We are not just about putting bands together. We teach how to play, enjoy and manage your band. ​
Students will learn everything they need to know about their equipment, how to get the best sound and troubleshoot problems. They will also learn stage play, photos ops, videos ops, proper sound checks, setting up, breaking down, how to get more out of practice and the do's and don'ts of playing on stage all to get you to the next level.​
You don't need a band to join. You can be placed in a band with others. This is a great place to make new friends with common interests.
This is a great program for your kids to get their into thier own band. It doesn't matter if they are just starting out or have a lot of experience with an instrument. These classes are a lot of fun and will help inspire the student with team effort. ​
This program starts at just $150 a month. Students get placed in their own band and choose their own songs. (That is something that you don't get with other schools.) We also offer private tutoring to help with songs, your instrument and with music theory/reading to further your advancement.​ Mention this website and I will give you 1/3 off your bill every month. That's right so not only do you not get charged extra for that 5th week in the month but now you only pay $100 a month. Classes are once a week for an hour but some of these classes will run for two hours. So you may even get twice as much time for the same low price.  
So enroll now and lets have some fun







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