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The Rock Band School idea was created for those who play an instrument and would like to be in a band but don't know how to get started or just can’t seem to get organized. Maybe you want to play with your friends on stage, in front of an audience. If your friends aren't ready, you can still join and I will have you out there playing on a stage with a band in no time. Whether your friends don’t communicate well or maybe you just don't have any friends LOL, it doesn't matter. We’ll have you rocking in no time and making new friends along the way.

These classes are dedicated to placing the students in a group with others who will become new friends because they all share a common interest. I will be teaching timing, song arrangement, completion of songs, being in a band situation and working with others as a team which will benefit them and further educate them in the field of music. You will also get to learn about equipment and how the pros do it. All you need is the basics to get started. If you have all these down why not just have fun and get the full rock band experience of going the distance with a band  you can call your own and play out at an event.
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