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Price list

Rock Band classes


​(1 hour/week)

Rock Band class                                                               $125.00/monthly

*Show Tickets* (See Below)


Private tutoring on band songs only in addition to band class

band class 1 hour and private help(1/2 hour once a week in addition to band)


Pricing includes band class/lessons                                      $200/month

Private Lessons

(1/2 hour/week)

Learn the skills of the masters and music theory    $120/month

Private Lessons

​(1 hour/week)

Learn the skills of the masters and music theory $200/month


The band rehearsal times are based in one hour increments and will be held on:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday from 2:00pm till 10:00pm
Early lessons are also available for those who can make it.
Saturdays  and Sundays from 12:00pm till 10:00pm

​Private lessons Mon.- Fri. call for availability.
**Summer schedules are subject to change**


Anyone, who you refer, and stays signed on for a minimum of three months will earn you a month free for yourself.

*The prices for the classes are listed below. These prices do not include fees for the venues at which the bands will perform. The venues require a hefty rental fee that can be thousands. You will be required to buy a minimum of 10 tickets per household. This fee will be $50 per month and added to your monthly class payment or you can pay ​$150 at the time of the show at which time you will be given 10 tickets. These shows will be set once every three months and there may be extra shows in between in which you may or may not have to pay an entry fee.                                  

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