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Joe Salk has been playing guitar for the past 35 years. He took lessons when he was a kid and trained himself to get into The American Institute of Music in Georgia. There he became a substitute teacher for many classes. Following his passion for music and being in and out of bands, he decided to turn his love of teaching people into a business.

20 Years ago Joe started teaching guitar and bass lessons out of the back of the warehouse of Bayshore Music. ( The owner had a warehouse in the back and remodeled it for lesson rooms and became an independent contractor and sole propriership and was never an employee of bayshore music. I did however become loyal and help promote thier business for it was a great place to be with a great staff and an awesome owner I can call a friend and have called it home for 15 years) Before the Sandy Storm I have created a rock band school and built a studio  The movie school of rock is what inspired him to take kids and bring them to the next level.  With his own band experience, playing numerous bars and clubs, and figuring out the good and the bad he decided to take what he learned and help other people understand what you have to do to get prepared to play with other people and how to handle playing a show plus what is involved in setting up.
"I saw so many students who practiced hard and then become board".  All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. "Students will and have become better when they can apply the knowledge and the skill. Wax on wax off.
"They practice more and learn more plus will now be able to complete songs for the first time"

​Remembering how much fun it was seeing his hard work pay off, he thought that this would be a great outlet for kids. Joe Salk has been called Jack Black and while watching the movie  "School of Rock" he noticed that that was the answer. He would form groups and let them take it to the next level,  all while having fun and following their passions.

​While trying to name to name business I learned of the actual "School of Rock" program. I decided to go with my own original idea of having your own rock band with the ability of choosing your own songs,(within reason lol) unlike some of the other programs out there that do ensemble and only doing songs the teachers know. "I have a lot of respect for School of rock as they started this world of kids getting together with the fundamentals and mutual bond of music." I have a better way of teaching everyone how to set up and do it like the pros and how to become successful at doing this on your own​. 

       I am a guy with the passion, personality and the knowledge of music and being in bands and have learned a lot from the pros to help people achieve goals in music with a band, as a team or just on there own.  I am among  the best at what I do.                                           Come see for yourself... Spectators are welcome."

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